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Amanda Alessi Wedding Photography captures love that says: there’s no one else I’d rather lie in bed and scroll Instagram with. Love that says: your favourite movie sucks, but I’ll act shocked when you tell me it didn’t win an Oscar. Love that says: you can share my hot chips. Even though you swore you weren’t hungry.

It’s real love.

You know the kind.

romance is rly rad

Once upon a time, there lived a wedding photographer who just loved to break the rules.

Old rules and outdated beliefs? I smash them like a set of plates at a Greek wedding. Oops. Call me crazy, but I believe your wedding should feel exactly like you, and never like anyone else. After all, this is how we get the realest photos of you, your person and all your favourite people.

The ones you’ll laugh at, cry over and hang on your wall.

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