20 Wedding Celebrants in Melbourne to Fall in Love With

You’ve found your life match. Now it’s time to make a date with some of the best wedding celebrants in Melbourne.

So, you’ve found the person who makes you laugh, steals chips from your plate and knows your favourite movie. Now it’s time to find a celebrant in Melbourne that gets you as a couple. This kiiinda feels like dating all over again, so the process CAN be scary … but hang in there. I’m going to give you a shortcut to the best Melbourne wedding celebrants, so you can fast forward to the bit where you fall in love.

First up, here are some reasons why it's super important to hire a pro-wedding celebrant:

The legalities, of course…

I mean, it would be a bit awks if the actual legal parts weren’t completed or filed properly. 

They’ll calm your nerves better than any wine.

If pouring your heart out in front of a crowd isn’t your idea of a good time, a celebrant will be there to lighten the moment or give you a reassuring pat on the back. The best ones will always be armed with tissues if the waterworks come out to play.

They know aaaallll the tricks.

In the lead-up to *that* aisle moment, a celebrant will be totally in control. Is the music playing? Has everyone turned off their phones? Do they know what happens next? The list is endless, but the right celebrant will always be on top of it all. Plus, they’ll *definitely* know NOT to stand in the middle of the couple during their first kiss so the photographer can snap the winning shot. 

*Drumroll, please!*
In no particular order - here is the list!

1. Marry Me Megan

After attending a wedding that felt soulless and impersonal, Megan decided to try her chops as a celebrant. She’s now been making wedding MAGIC happen for more than 13 years. The perfect mix of cheeky and romantic, Megan has this rare ability to make guests feel relaxed and encourages them to enjoy the moment (plus, she often sticks around for a glass of champagne and a chat!)  

Website / Instagram

2. Kate Adkins

Kate became a wedding celebrant after planning and styling weddings for 10 years, and oh my gosh ... I can tell you firsthand that Kate is SO funny. Like, your guests will be in stitches, funny. If you’re getting married in South Gippsland, Bass Coast, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, or Melbourne, Kate is a cracker of a choice.

Website / Instagram

3. Natalie Drum

You’ll feel totally at ease the instant you meet Natalie, which is especially great if you’re nervy on your wedding day. A kind, gentle and funny human – you can't go wrong with having Natalie there. Natalie is a former newspaper columnist, magazine writer and experienced public speaker, so aside from her incredible personality, her knack for words seriously sets her apart. She is regarded as one of the best celebrants in Melbourne!

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4. Nat Sproal

Nat is relaxed, natural and a little bit cheeky (plus, she loves a great g+t). If being the centre of attention is your worst nightmare, then Nat is the perfect wedding celebrant for you. She takes charge, works her charm and knows how to captivate an audience, so you can just laugh along and enjoy the moment. No awkward pauses or wondering where to stand – she's got you.

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5. Meriki Comito

A wedding ceremony with Meriki is warm, engaging, happy, heartfelt, organised and professional (tbh it’s all the great buzzwords you’re looking for). With more than 20 years of public performance experience in the entertainment biz under her belt, Meriki has declared 600+ people happily married. She’s done all that while also juggling a busy family with three kids and Violet the black staffy / lab / great dane. Superwoman right here.

Website / Instagram

6. Precious Celebrations

Thank the LORD that Precious is in the wedding biz, because she makes any event spectacular. Taking old traditions and making them different is a talent that Precious will always be proud of, aside from her knack for baking extraordinary cinnamon scrolls (send recipe, pls). For a fun, stylish and judgement-free approach to your fab day, give Precious a buzz. 

Website / Instagram

7. Kim at Dear Henri

Kim from Dear Henri does things differently: offering celebrant services, floral arrangements and design. Marrying couples is Kim’s ikigai – aka, her home and her heart. Storytelling is her specialty. You can be sure that all the important details, like pronunciations of names and preferred pronouns, are never overlooked. With her musical and theatrical background, the stage is Kim’s domain (but she’ll never distract from the main event – you and your partner's love will always shine the brightest).

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8. Jorgia Brown at Dare To Love

You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you meet Jorgia… it’s like talking to someone you’ve known for a lifetime over a glass of pinot. Jorgia notes down all the little things – any small anecdotes or stories that you might mention for context, Jorgia will find a way to incorporate these quirks into your big day. With a communication background, Jorgia is a wordsmith who loves a good pun, so if you need any vow or speech tips, ask away.

Website / Instagram

9. Weddings By Jess

Warm and confident are two words that are synonymous with Jess, who started out as a wedding MC. Her love for celebrancy was sparked when a coworker (who was also a close friend) asked her to be their celebrant. After that, the requests just kept on coming! Fast forward to this great part right here where Jess has been in the biz for 10 years, and her romance for weddings is still going stronger than a perfectly poured negroni.

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10. Alyce Bailey

If you're looking for a celebrant who creates electric fun while balancing out ceremonial formalities, Alyce Bailey is the one for you. Footy fan, dancing queen and storyteller, Alyce can keep guests engaged in a chilled environment, making huge smiles (and perhaps a few tears) while you say your I Do's. So if you are getting hitched in the Yarra Valley or beyond and looking for some relaxed vibes on your big day, definitely tee up a chat with her.

Website / Instagram

11. Georgia Mills

When someone loves dogs, yoga and the beach just as much as Georgia does, you know they are a warm and kind-natured person — someone perfect to host your ceremony. One of the best (and most hilarious) celebrants in Melbourne, she has been in the business for 14+ years and has married over 1000 couples (that's right... 1000!), so you know you're in good hands.

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12. Koren Harvey

Marrying couples since 2010, Koren brings an air of elegance and warmth to her engaging ceremonies. Passionate about languages (she speaks German fluently), pinot noir and books, Koren carries this passion into what she calls "the best job in the world" — being a celebrant. Understanding the trust couples offer her with their life and story, she sparkles magic and life-affirming words to share this with their nearest and dearest.

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13. Renee the Celebrant

Coined "the mistress of ceremonies", Renee is for couples that envision their wedding packed with colour, high energy and doing things pretty differently. Being an event producer, dancefloor dominatrix (aka. a DJ), and performer, Renee injects this extroverted charisma into being a celebrant. If you're looking for a triple threat (that saves time and $$$), you can also book her to be your MC and DJ too. Even better, there is an option to get hitched by her altar ego Dolly Parton — a dream, right?

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14. Kat Brandt at The Celebrandt

A huge sweetie at heart, Kat Brandt is a Mornington-based celebrant who loves listening to love stories and turning them into magic for couples. There is nothing cookie-cutter with her delivery, she creates bespoke ceremonies based on the couples' personality, style and love — making her celebrancy style one of romance and playfulness in equal measure.

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15. Marry Me Tee

Tee Twiname (aka. Marry Me Tee) blends warmth and professionalism to create relaxed ceremonies. Her approach builds connection and trust, ensures you're at ease when you tie the knot and most of all, have a lot of fun through the whole process.

Website / Instagram

16. Zee Scott

Want a ceremony full of character, laughter and energy? Zee is your girl! This British expat is one of the powerhouse celebrants in Melbourne — she's a celebrant, MC, cake artist, workshop host and even has her own wedding venue (Zee Scott HQ) for micro-weddings. So whether your wedding vision is hosting something small or large, adding a bit of Zee-style storytelling to it will take it to the next level.

Website / Instagram

17. Megan Jordan

If you're an eco-conscious human, perhaps you want a celebrant that matches that? Megan not only runs her business with the environment in mind, she's a bold and bright person that reflects in both her personality (and what she wears). Described as a storyteller, marriage maker and passionate wordsmith, you can trust Megan with your love story to create a heartwarming ceremony.

Website / Instagram

18. Abby Wiverton at The Hitch Sitch

Cool, creative and charismatic. If these are on your celebrant checklist, Abby is the one for you. Bootstrapping her passion for film, drama and music, she is well-versed in facilitation and public speaking that makes her couples feel confident and comfortable when those little nerves start creeping up. You can also hire her has an MC, wedding singer and vow writer. What a win!

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19. Dee Brinsmead at The Wedding Anarchist

Dee is no stranger to Melbourne's celebrant scene — as one-third founder of iconic Vegas-style chapel (The Altar Electric) and long-serving celebrant, she is a true icon of creativity, high-energy and bold ceremonies. Her natural-born storytelling goes unmatched, offering a relaxed-style ceremony that keeps guests on their toes with laughter, tears and everything in between.

Website / Instagram

20. Wendy Does Weddings

Book Wendy, and you’ll have a whole bank of TV and book reccos to distract you from the stress of wedding planning. Hehe. If you’ve jumped to Wendy’s website and you’re thinking, is this woman famous?! Yes. Yes she is. Wendy featured on Nine Network’s Married at First Sight not once, but twice. Apart from marrying couples, you can find Wendy with her other love… coffee. Relatable.

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Ultimately, a great celebrant will listen to you, and then plan the most uniquely YOU ceremony for you to remember for years to come. Pop the confetti because once your celebrant is sorted, it’s time to find a pro photographer. (Wink, wink…)

If you’re seeking an epic wedding photographer to go with your celebrant, check out my full list of services (including all-day coverage) here.