Hello there


and I'm a lover of weddings!

It’s pretty simple really. Witnessing and documenting beautiful love stories makes me gosh darn happy!

I’m a very nostalgic person and this is at the core of why I love photographing weddings.

I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the smiles and beauty of people can be fresh, alive, and meaningful to others for years to come.


I moved to Melbourne (from Perth) in winter 2017 which had been in the making for a long while. Old Melbourne terrace houses really float my boat and I was itching to spend lazy afternoons strolling the beautiful streets, exploring new cafes and enjoying the cooler weather! Let’s be honest, having pale skin of the English rose variety means I’m prone to getting burnt to a crisp in the endless Perth heat.

Other fave activities...swooning over well designed interiors, indoor spin classes, catching that last drop of golden afternoon light, UberEATS, fostering kittens, music festivals, brunch with friends and binge watching 'How I Met Your Mother episodes with my boyfriend, Drew.

Amanda's photography style:


The importance and


In recent times my Grandad and Nonna passed away and these two events really got me thinking about the importance of photography.

I’m very aware of how I shape memories. At weddings I find myself drawn to candid moments when people are laughing and relaxed. Over the years my mum and dad have taken hundreds of photos and I love that nostalgic feeling when I flick through our childhood photo albums. Upon reflection I think my inspiration for most images I’ve taken are the way my mum and dad took family photos.

I also love that images will mean different things at different times. As a teenager I loved looking through my parents albums with shock at their hilarious fashion choices. Years later I’m surprised how similar I look to my mum and currently I understanding the true value of photos as loved ones pass away.

Yes, we all love recent photos to share on our socials but let’s be honest, they will become so much more important to us in 5, 10, 50 years time. Perhaps my future children or grandchildren will look back and laugh at photos of me in my twenties with long brown hair and terrible 2019 fashion choices.

One of my favourite things about my job as a wedding photographer is knowing that in the future my images will be more so much more valuable and special.

Nonna and nonno on their wedding day
My nonna. What a babe!
Casual family snap of my nonna & nonno
Nonna and the cheeky kids
A favourite photo of mine - seriously gorgeous!