Glass slippers?

Hmm, I’m more of a sneakers kind of gal.

In other words: I'm relaxed, open-minded and lots of fun to work with.

In other other words: we will have the best time. This is a party, after all.

So what the hell is wedding photography anyway?

Remember your favourite feeling? Like...knocking hands in a bucket of popcorn or dancing like dorks in the kitchen? Those small, indescribable moments, the ones that make you stop and think: I never want to forget this — that’s what I live to capture.

My photography is guided by you and strengthened through collaboration, leaving no room for surprises, awkwardness or stress. I won’t tell you to smile or act like someone you’re not, but I will hold your hand and calm your nerves.

Photos aside, I’ll wear all the hats to make sure your day goes smooth as anything. Hype girl. People herder. Timekeeper. While I’m a photographer first and foremost, that title doesn’t always cut it.

Beginning with a pre-wedding consultation, I take the time to understand who you are, what you like and every (tiny) wedding detail, to make your time in front of the camera feel like no time at all. Leave any question, concern or stress, with me and go do what you came to: have the time of your life.

Score the full Amanda Alessi treatment, and a sprinkle of magic.

A pre-wedding consult to talk timing, lighting and locations (in-person or online)

Photography coverage by Amanda Alessi

Professional post production, curation + editing in Amanda’s signature style

An online gallery (best consumed with friends, family + wine) with the option to purchase prints

High resolution images

VIP access to the Amanda Alessi online store!

So how does this work?






our first date

timing is everything

it's officially official

This is your chance to see if I’m The One. It’s a date, so we’ll talk about your hopes and dreams. Plus, we’ll cover timelines, coverage options, my epic albums and any questions.

Planner mode, activated. I’ll put together a tailored timeline with photography in mind. Sun setting at 6pm? No prob. Espresso martinis at 11pm? Even better. I’ll pass on the booking link, too.

Once you’ve paid the $1100 non-refundable retainer and signed the contract, I’m yours! I’ll follow that with a thank you email, and pop your present in the post. Hehe.

You’ll go here to see if I’m available on your date & request my pricing guide. If I’m free, I’ll send you the guide, and a link to book a video chat with me (and probably my Frenchie, Reggie).

But i want to access the pricing guide noW!

I totally get that it's an exciting time, so to skip straight to the pricing guide please enter your name, email address and wedding date (if you have one) below. You will receive a link via email within a few minutes!

what happens between booking & the big day?

read my faq