Is a Micro Wedding right for you?

Deciding between a 'regular' or 'micro' wedding may be tricky so here are some things to take into consideration.

Smaller Guest List

Yes, this is an obvious one but an important one! Just think, you can invite purely your nearest and dearest! No need to invite those random cousins you haven't seen for years. Maybe it's ruthless, but numbers are tight so only your closest family & friends will make the cut. Sorry not sorry!

Money, Money, Money

Just because you have a smaller wedding, doesn't mean it has to be daggy. Micro weddings are still stylish! Less people and 'stuff' (you know that wedding fluff like wedding favours etc.) means you have more cash to blow on your absolute favourite things. Why not shower your closest loved ones with fancy cocktails post ceremony, or hire that awesome Airbnb to get ready at....the list goes on. Plus more money to spend later on a cute honeymoon getaway - just the two of you!

Keep it Local

No need to hire cars, everything is super close together with minimal travel time between locations. Make it easy for yourself and your guests with less time spent driving around getting lost, trying to find parking or getting stuck in traffic. Worse case, call an Uber or hitch a lift with a friend.

Keep it Simple

A simple run sheet with relaxed timing will allow loads of glorious time to mingle with loved ones. No deadlines to get back to the reception for a big entrance or 8 speeches to rush through before the first dance.

Low Fuss

No need to stress on the morning of your wedding day! Will the table settings for 120 people be ready in time for a formal sit down dinner? Have the thousands of rose stems arrived at the ceremony yet? Will the limo driver be on time? Forget it, this is going to be a fuss free day!

Break the Rules!

I think this is the best part. You can do whatever you like!!! Perhaps you want to get ready together in the morning then stroll to your favourite bar to meet your besties for a pre-ceremony drink? Perhaps you would like to get married then head over to your local cafe for a coffee? Your wedding day is totally about the two of you so do whatever makes you happy 🙂


Given the uncertain times with COVID, having a small wedding means you can be more flexible if Government guidelines and restrictions change. Weddings with 150 people may have to be postponed but if you only have 20 guests, chances are you will still be fine to go ahead.

Choose Your Vendors (Extra) Carefully

Obviously I'm biased *ahem* but seriously I think it's super important to select your dream team with care. If you've only got 20 people at your ceremony, how awkward would it be if the celebrant or photographer aren't the right fit? You will be spending a large portion of your day with them so make sure you get along. Ideally it should feel like having another friend join you on the day.