Hi, I’m Amanda: I’m the one behind the lens. But it’s not all about me— actually, it’s not even all about you.

It’s the look on your mum, dad or grandparent’s face as you walk down the aisle. Your wedding crew, proud as punch to be by your side on the most important day of your life. Your best friends, 3 hours deep into the reception (and pinot supply), posing for the camera as if they’re releasing a ‘90s hip hop album in the coming days.

Yes, love comes in many shapes and sizes, and on your wedding day, I aim to capture every single one of them.

Recently I had a couple tell me I take photos of regular humans looking like amazing humans. I thought that was the coolest thing. It’s true: I live for documenting people, as they celebrate with their people. Why? It’s pretty simple.

Snapping your memories makes me smile. Also, I believe milestones should be preserved. I might shoot in the present, but I’m always thinking of the future. For that moment — 10, 20, 50 years from now — when you’re flipping through your photos with your grandkids, reliving your parents’ faces, your best-ever wedding crew, and a hip hop album cover gone to waste.

Your grandkids will ask, who are they?

And you’ll say these are my favourite people, and this was the best day of my life.

1 000 000+




cups of coffee
consumed this year


years of


meet my two loves

Featuring Reggie the Frenchie and Drew (the Human)!
Shot on Super 8 film by the amazing Nathan Kaso.

Me. Your dancefloor.

these songs.

"Dog Days Are Over"

"one more time"

Florence & the Machine

Daft Punk

"shooting stars"

"We Found Love"

Bag Raiders

Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

just try and stop me.

Honestly, wedding photographer is just easier to say than:

Memory Maker, Professional Dancer,
Hype Girl, Pep Talker, Flower Pinner,
Nerve Calmer, Timekeeper, Comedian,
People Herder, Contortionist,
Cheerleader, OR Rally Car Driver.

hang on

Amanda, are your photos really that good?

I’m so glad you asked. Put it this way: my wedding photos are so good they scored me a boyfriend. Drew was using a photo I’d taken months prior as his Tinder profile pic. I swiped right, told him I took that photo, the rest is history. 😝