Unique Melbourne Wedding Dessert Ideas That Don’t Involve Cake

Planning a wedding calls for some creativity - here are 9 unique Melbourne wedding dessert ideas that don’t involve a slice of cake.

Looking for a left-of-centre wedding cake alternative? There are more ways than the classic tiered cake to tame your guests' sweet tooths. Just steer clear of your keyboard for the next few minutes, because these dessert recommendations will have you salivating at your desk.

Break the mould with crème brûlée 

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as that first ~crack~ of the crème brûlée. A crème brûlée cart is perfect for cocktail weddings, or if you’re hosting a wedding at a private property. There’s just something strangely comforting about watching the torching of the top layer, don’t you think? Aside from your guests licking the bowl clean, a cart that can be unpacked and packed again equals no mess and way less stress. It’s the crème de la crème of the desserts, and your guests will be lapping it up while pulling some killer moves on the dancefloor. 

My top recommendation: The Brûlée Cart

Specialty cocktails, people!

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Nothing kicks off the party like a round of espresso martinis. Just add a disco ball and you're set. I’ve never met a person who didn’t feel fancy dancing the night away with a martini glass in hand.

Another great idea is to customise a cocktail to suit your taste and style as a couple, like a summery piña colada or a moody late-night negroni. You could also consider naming the cocktails after something meaningful to you. Be playful and go wild. The world is your olive in a martini. 

My top recommendation: Check with your alcohol suppliers about what cocktails they can provide. Otherwise, if you're BYO-ing your alcohol, consider premixed cocktails or prep bulk ingredients like limes and lemons ahead of time so service is ~easy peasy lemon squeezy~ on the day.

Cannoli, anyone?

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I mean, who doesn't love these delicious Italian desserts? Their small size makes them the perfect accessories to hold on the dancefloor. (No melted cream or sticky fingers, thanks!)

My top recommendation: Cannoleria, where they pipe them fresh. Imagine a cute little cart rocking up with a free-flowing Cannoli service, tailored to your event. Squisito

One can never have enough cheese

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Love cheese? Then your wedding is the perfect opportunity to load up on it. You can stack wheels of cheese like a three-tiered cake, styled with fancy herbs, flowers and natives. Or create a luxe cheese board with dried fruit, crackers or honeycomb. The beauty of a cheese board? It’s just a fancy way of saying a smörgåsbord of snacks. It's a classic dessert alternative. Delish. 

My top recommendation: Ask your venue what’s on the potential menu. They may already offer a cheese board (Rupert on Rupert does this) or DIY your own selection (you can buy from places like Maker & Monger or Milk the Cow).

Mi amore: Gelato

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Gelati is a currency of love. Always a crowd pleaser, it gets bonus points for being allergy and diet-friendly, as there are usually vegan, dairy-free, nut-free and fat-free options to devour. 

My top recommendations: 

You can’t go wrong with Bianco Latte and Vanilla & Co. Both have carts that come to your wedding and serve your guests. Yum!

A taste of Fairy Floss

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If you have invited little ones to the wedding, fairy floss is a nice touch (but it’s also adult-friendly, of course.) The melt-in-your-mouth treat has a particularly nostalgic effect – it will remind you of times spent with a first crush, childhood friends or at a fun seasonal fair. 

My top recommendation: Sugar HQ 

A high tea to remember

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Tea and scones are ideal for a morning or lunchtime wedding. Or, come to think of it, even a themed wedding (Downton Abbey, anyone?). Consider hiring a coffee cart or caravan for that sweet sweet dose of caffeine before you hit the d-floor *again*. You can also offer warm beverages to keep guests feeling the cosy vibes during those chilly Melbourne days. 

My top recommendation: Little Mouse Tea House. They have a vintage-style caravan available for hire, plus a catering service for kids and adults alike. 

Dough-nut forget about the doughnuts

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After a long night of partying, there’s nothing better than refuelling with some doughnuts. Get creative with the flavours – think salted caramel ones filled with jam, cream or custard… and if you’re looking to go hard, make some noise with a doughnut tower or wall. 

My top recommendation: The Oakleigh Donut Co aka TODCO. These are hands down the most delicious doughnuts in the entire state of Victoria. 

Have an all-you-can-eat moment … dessert buffet-style

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Having trouble deciding between cookies, cupcakes and macarons? Um, you’re a grown adult now … why not have them all?! A dessert buffet caters for all guests as they can pick and choose their favourite kinds of dessert without fear of judgement from others, simply because everyone else will be filling their plates like there’s no tomorrow. 

If you have limited space for a full buffet set-up, you can go for a roaming dessert option. Many venues offer this as part of their packages, so ask about their offering and see what they can make happen for you.

My top recommendations: Head over to your favourite patisserie or cake shop a few days before the wedding and pick up a bunch of your favourite sweets. Brunetti is my top pick. If you're worried about leaving it to the last minute, you can order ahead from certain bakeries. Miss Ladybird Cakes does custom cupcake orders, and they are *chefs kiss*.

Salivating at your keyboard right now? Same. Now that your brain is full of these 9 unique Melbourne wedding desserts, get your taste buds ready to party. Take this time to organise some tastings and enjoy the process. And remember to eat the dessert on your big day, or ask the staff to set aside a generous doggy bag of treats for you. Yum! 

Amanda x 

All dessert-ed out? (Impossible!) If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who will just *get* you and your partner, take a break from the food scene and say hi here.